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MedDb is a company with the mission to offer healthproviders the necessary web technology. With Healthappointment.com (dr-agenda.com), MedDb provides an integrated webagenda with a modular website which is personally manageable.


  1. You have the time management advantage, as a number of your appointments will be made automatically without intervention of yourself or your secretary.
  2. The webagenda is completely modular and personally manageable according to your needs. The webagenda is defined for your patients, colleagues and pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Healthappointment.com (dr-agenda.com) offers you the possibility to create and to manage your own web page integrated in your webagenda. This offers you the possibility to inform your patients of all additional information concerning your practice.
  4. The appointments for medical reps can also be managed. This can have an important time issue as you can define the limitations of visits.
  5. Your notoriety will be faster and in a geographical bigger area as the Net has no geographical limits. This can be of great importance if you are a starting physician or you want to cover a larger area.
  6. You have the potential force of managing your agenda throughout the Net. So you depend no more on a physical agenda with all its inconvenience. Moreover all data can be easily exported to another program.
  7. You can stimulate your patients now of taking appointments through the web.
  8. You are working in a secure SSL internet connection. All data are encrypted and secure.
  9. The use of Healthappointment.com (dr-agenda.com) is very user-friendly.
  10. All registered appointments will be automatically confirmed by E-mail.
  11. Improvement of features by continuous development according to your needs
  12. Healthappointment is a pure Internet application developed with the latest technology. No local installation on your computer is needed. You only require an internet connection and an internet browser.
  13. It is in your proper interest to subscribe immediately so all your patients will find you on the web. The monthly fee is €16.50 (VAT excl.). You can consult prices in the disclaimer under terms and conditions.

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